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VIDHATA MARRIAGE BUREAU is Organize by Vidhata Education Trust and active to solve your such type of problems & helps to select a very suitable life-mates for your happy marriage-life. VIDHATA is active with this humble service, since 1995. founded by HASMUKH JOSHI.

Everyone are in search of life-mate as per their social prestige, family pride, education, qualification & nature as well as beautiful and awe-inspiring candidate. In this position a suitable life-mate selection becomes very tough. Due to modern social standards everyone accepts new directions. Narrow caste & narrow-minded thoughts does not provides a proper chance to select suitable life-mate. Because of this, they cannot selects proper life-mates. In such circumstances, marriage organizations, like us provides a large platform to select a suitable life-mate.

At Vidhata Marriage Bureau Membership of Organization accepted through cash, Cheque, Draft, or Money Order. Cheque or draft will be drawn in favor of VIDHATA MARRIAGE BUREAU Organization will provide suitable character for the party & make direct home contact with the party.

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"લગ્ન સ્વર્ગમાં રચાય છે, તેમની જોડી "વિધાતા " યોગ્ય સમયે મેળવી આપે છે,તેમાં પુરુષાર્થ થકી પ્રારબ્ધ ઘડવાની, "વિધાતા " પણ છૂટ આપે છે."

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